The Fundamentals of Personal Growth: Adaptability

Last year, I made a goal to publish a post to my blog once a week.

And I made it! (all but 2 weeks, which is good enough for me).

I had a lot of fun working on this blog over the last year. I learned a lot about myself, and I gained some skills in writing personal essays, and in doing hand-lettering. When I go back and look at some of the first posts from 2018, it’s really cool to see how far I’ve come. I created a space with a specific style and format, but I also wasn’t afraid to experiment with something new for a few weeks in November. Turned out, I didn’t like the direct address style I tried out, so I went back to the personal essay style. A past version of myself might have given up after trying something new that didn’t work out, but I kept going, albeit out of stubbornness to achieve my goal, but still, I made it. I persevered when I didn’t want to do it anymore, but more importantly, I adapted.

The last fundamental of personal growth that I have for this series is adaptability.

In personal growth, adaptability is the ability to remain flexible in goals and plans and accept when it’s time for change.

Change, even when it’s good, stresses me out.

I think it’s a pretty normal level of stress, to be honest, but I focus so hard on it that I end up blowing it out of proportion.

I’ve always resisted change. I was that kid who didn’t want to grow up. I wasn’t excited to move up to junior high school or high school. I wasn’t excited about getting a cell phone (until I got one). I wasn’t even that excited about switching over to a smart phone (until I did). I wasn’t excited about learning to drive. My dad and I used to get in arguments over my driving lessons; he practically had to drag me out of the house. (Of course, when I finally did learn to drive, I was thrilled at the newfound freedom).

The pattern here seems to be that the hardest part of change is getting started, but once I take the steps toward it, even if they’re small, I start to feel excitement and even relief.

I’m currently at a place where I need to accept that it’s time for change. While I’ve had a lot of fun and success in working on this blog, I’m ready to do something different. I’m not sure exactly what, yet, but my interest in writing personal essays in the self-improvement niche has started to wane. The personal growth and self-help communities have served their purpose in my life, and I’m ready to focus more on my creative interests. I’d like to start taking my writing craft more seriously by spending more time working on my novel, writing short stories or picture book scripts, and engaging with books and essays about the craft of writing instead of the craft of self-help.






I’m going to keep this space here on WordPress, but I have some percolating plans to transform it. I’m thinking I’d like to start writing about . . . writing, like essays about craft and the progress of my novel. I’m not positive what I’ll do yet, but I do know that I’ll visit this space less often. Posting weekly is a big commitment, and I often spent a big chunk of my weekend planning for this blog. I’m excited to have that time freed up and to experiment with how to fill those hours.

Awareness and adaptability are the perfect bookends for this series.

It takes a lot of awareness to admit when a goal or life path is no longer of service and seek to adapt it.


What do you hope to focus on in 2019?