About Me

Welcome to The Introspective Salon.

My name is Trisha.  In most places online, I go by wingedtrish.

I’m a reader, a writer, a wife, and a dog mom.



I’m a proud Coloradoan.

I’m an introvert who’s learning that the title doesn’t have to be synonymous with hermit.

I’m also many other things, but I don’t think anyone wants an exhaustive list of the roles I assume. I will tell you, instead, that I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. Namely, social anxiety. I basically withdrew from the world in high school because I was too afraid to eat in the cafeteria. This self-inflicted isolation lasted through college and made me incredibly unhappy, but since I’ve started writing about these struggles and taking them seriously, I’ve seen tremendous personal growth.

I love to write because I can be emotional with it, but still get shit done.

I love to write because it has helped me to overcome some of my own shame, and I hope to inspire others to use writing in the same healing way.

I like to think of this space as a “salon” because I find the idea of an old-fashioned salon very cozy and stimulating, but also I want this to be a space full of thoughtful discussion like an old salon.

I want you wayfaring Internet travelers to feel safe and encouraged in sharing your own stories of introspective reflections and actions toward self-improvement.

I post stories and strategies related to my current personal growth journey once a week. Typically on Mondays.

Follow me on Instagram to see more frequent posts about my self-acceptance journey, as well as some insights on the practice of journaling, and my writing life.

email: theintrospectivesalon@gmail.com

P.S. As a personal conviction, I intend to only give advice or tips sparingly. I find advice generally unhelpful, and I feel that there’s already enough advice, and a heap of tips, and as many hacks as you could ever need on the Internet. Especially in the self- improvement community. If you want advice, then you can find it as fast as you can type your question, but if you want inspiration to get yourself started on your own journey, then my hope is that you’ll find encouragement, and an ignition to the flame of your own courage, here at The Introspective Salon.